OldmCloud offers a complete and flexible software solution to add power to all your email marketing campaigns. You`ll discover that you can quickly create professional-looking email campaigns that grab attention and help you build successful, lasting relationships with your customers, clients, or members.

What is an email marketing campaign?
An email marketing campaign is an easy, affordable, and effective online marketing tactic that allows you to open up dialogue with your customers so that you can send personalized emails to your customers.
Why using it?
By sending more relevant communications that customers want to open, read, and act on - you`ll drive your sales, grow your opt-in subscriber list and improve your ROI, easy to use, self-serve email Marketing is the best way to attract interest in and generate sales of your products and services. And that`s why it works.
How does it work?
OldmCloud email marketing combines the best practice industry standards with the latest technology that enables levels of personalization and encourages relationships based on value and trust.
No special software is required
Everyone can access it by simply logging in over the Web. Your account is protected by a unique username and password.
  • Simple office like interface
  • Send attachments
  • Schedule when to send
  • See who open your emails