What is SaaS?
As a term, SaaS is generally associated with business software and is typically thought of as a low-cost way for businesses to obtain the same benefits of commercially licensed, internally operated software without the complexity and high initial cost. Consumer-oriented web-native software is generally known as Web 2.0 and not as SaaS. Customers are adopting SaaS when they have high computing needs but little interest or capability in software deployment.

The distinction between SaaS and earlier applications delivered over the Internet is that SaaS solutions were developed specifically to leverage web technologies such as the browser, thereby making them web-native
Partnering with OldmCloud
We believe in you and support your business model because your customers will gain easy access to the applications. Customer pain is removed because the complexity of managing the software, hardware, and connectivity is handled on the server side and is completly transparent to your customer. This means that your organisation can remain focused on your business, acquiring new customers and we will help you develop and setup your SaaS application.

We offer a number of business models that will help your transition to Software as a Service as easy as possible. We also the technical know-how needed to help you make the change from traditional on-premise model to the new world of Software as a Service sales and delivery. We have built a mix and match approach to allow each partner to choose a level of partnership that is right for them.
Ask yourself these questions:
  • Do you have an application that many businesses could benefit from?
  • Do you really want to provide a SaaS application, how much are you prepared to invest?
  • Can it be developed to run in a multi-tenanted browser based environment?
  • Would your business benefit from new routes or channels to market?
  • Do you have, or can you develop the capabilities to support hundreds or thousands of customers?
  • Are you prepared to change your business model?
  • Are you prepared to take a radical look at your pricing strategy?
  • Are you prepared to change you perception of what is the real added-value of your application?
If you ever asked your self any of this questions contact us, and we will help you develop your idea.